1. Tell us what you want downloaded.

2. Tell us where you want it shipped.

After submitting your information and requesting a download, you will be redirected to http://www.antiubb.com/what-can-i-do/ to protest the bandwith cap decision.

Update - noonish PM EST - Wow things are still cooking here with another 20,000 visitors today. We're in the process of burning all the discs for everyone who requested the service (as long as what they requested won't land us in jail for shipping it over international borders). We got a new corporate sponsorship from V-Rooms, a virtual data room and Board Portal company. They have been kind enough to cover some of the shipping costs.

Thanks to Edwin Morris for the new fancy logo!

Update as of 9:37 PM EST -- We have had over 130,000 people visit in the last 12 hours, over 100 requests for major downloads, and in addition to CDs and DVDs and hard drives we need to buy, we have about 500-1000 US dollars that we will need to shell out for shipping. If you can donate that would be awesome. We want to keep this free.

Update as of somewhere around 3 pm --- Thanks for the love everyone! We haven't gotten many donations yet, so our company, which provides Security Cameras, has picked up the bill for now.

As a company, we care because a metered Internet in Canada is a threat to entrepreneurship everywhere. Every online business has a responsibly to do something about this. Update as of noon 2/3: Read our blog post on why we need to keep the pressure up.

Disclaimer: We are unable to download and ship pornography, copyrighted information, or anything else that could get us in the shit with customs or the FBI. Also be mindful that we are just two regular guys in America and it might take us a hot minute to send you your stuff. We'll try to email when we ship out your download, but no promises.

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